Students' Union





Every student of the college is a member of the Students' Union. He/She is entitled to caste vote or contest in the election of the council provided he/she has cleared his prescribed college dues and no disciplinary action has been taken against him by way of suspension. He shall pay the Union fees and Session charges as prescribed. The Prin

cipal is the President of the Union. The General Secretary of the Union selected by the elected class representatives is a member of the Governing Body. The formation and constitution of the Students Union is governed by the Regulations and Rules of the University of Burdwan. As per Regularations 4 (Students' Union) of Burdwan University the aims and objects of the Union shall be:

     (i) to bring unity among the students;

     (ii) to promote academic, scientific, cultural and social interest and outlook among the students;

     (iii) to promote discipline, sense of responsibility, integrity and brotherhood among the students;

     (iv) to safe-guard the rights of the students;

     (v) to aid, help and facilitate the study of needy and poor students, particularly coming from the backward                classes of the society;

     (vi) to provide scope to develop the tenacity and ability of the students;

     (vii) to foster health and cordial relation with the teachers and the non-teaching members of the staff of the               college, and

    (viii) to safe-guard the democratic rights and encourage participation in fighting against obscurantism,                       secessionism, communalism, obscenity and to work for the cause of social justice.


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