Principal's Desk

In consonant with the every noble task done under the sun, our college also cherishes a benevolent vision for its future programmes. The vision of Gushkara Mahavidyalaya is to emerge as one of the leading academic institutions in the region where knowledge and skill complement each other and competence leads to confidence among the students. We constantly strive for the development of the students intellectually, culturally, ethically and functionally so that the society around is transformed into a knowledge based one. Accordingly, our mission has got three distinct inherent components providing quality teaching, meaningful and effective interaction with all aspects of social life where knowledge, analysis and creativity are called for and development of close links with different agencies which are interested in applying science, technology and social study in relevant areas to upgrade the standard of living of all concerned.

    In setting up our goals, we have consciously avoided prospects of instant or short-term gains which eventually eclipse the possibility of greater and far-reaching achievements in future. Our prime goals are professionalisation of activities, quality in both academic and organizational sectors, enlightening economically weaker and educationally backward people, emphasizing on women's education, science education and development of newer perspectives in the entire teaching-learning process. However, summit can only be attained through small steps and therefore, immediate and constant attention have been directed towards three basic aspects of institutional learner-centred activities - good results in university and competitive examinations, excellence in extra- and co-curricular activities and promotion of a strong and healthy physical culture.




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