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Grievance Redressal Cell


 As an organization sensitive to the needs and demands of our students as well as employees, we understand that there may arise grievances or proposals in both these sections. To address these grievances, we have established a Grievance Redressal Cell in the year 2006.

The Grievance Redressal Cell intends to develop and maintain an encouraging and an enjoyable learning atmosphere in the Campus. The cell is chiefly a forum for students to freely express their mind. They may even maintain anonymity if they wish. The authority gives due importance to each and every such grievance submitted in black and white. Any serious lapse and/or inadequacy are duly investigated and measures are taken to improve the support service at the earliest possible opportunity. However, any kind of personal animosity is strongly discouraged to maintain the sanctity of this sacred institution of learning. Grievance Redressal Cell has successfully dissolved a number of grievances forwarded by our students and staff. From  the academic session 2016-17, the college is providing the option of online application for grievances.


The Objectives of Students Grievance Cell

  • To support, those students who are in problems regarding their academic matters, college fees, awards and scholarships, library, class room, play ground, common room, teaching method, class room management or any other similar college related matters.
  • To provide the Students immediate, impartial and effective remedy to have their Grievances redressed.
  • To carry on the self-respect of the college by promote a friendly student-teacher relationship.
  • To enlighten the Students about their duties and responsibilities to access benefits for which they are entitled.
  • To interact with Students to get information about their expectations.
  • To ensure scientific temperament in all activities.



Grievance Redressal Procedure

First the complainants (students or others) have to state their grievances in writing with or without disclosing their identities and then to submit it in the drop box placed outside the college office. They can also approach to the members of the cell or to the Principal directly with their complaints. The Grievance Redressal Cell convenes meetings periodically and takes necessary action to redress the grievances. The cell always follows the principle of natural justice and tries to find out a solution as early as possible. Final solution of the grievances will be informed to the students. The cell should not consider the problems of Sexual harassment. If it gets such problem it will be immediately sent to Sexual Harassment Cell.

The Grievance Redressal Cell is composed of the following members:

Chairman: Principal

Co-ordinators: Prof Mita Roy and Dr. Papita Dutta

Members: All G.B. Members



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  •   Gushkara, Purba Bardhaman
  •   Phone No. (03452) 255105
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