4.2.2 NLIST Invoice & NLIST User Details: images/uploads/4.2.2 NLIST Invoice & NLIST User Details.pdf

4.2.3 Books Journals and Paper Bills: images/uploads/4.2.3 Books Journal Paper Bills..pdf

4.2.4 Student and Teacher Attendance: images/uploads/4.2.4 Student - Teacher Attendance.pdf

4.1.1 Physical and Academic Infrastructure: images/uploads/4.1.1 Physical and Academic Infrastructure.pdf

4.1.2 Sports,Yoga and Cultural activities: images/uploads/4.1.2 Sports,Yoga and Cultural activities.pdf ICT enabled classrooms: images/uploads/ ICT enabled classrooms.pdf

4.2.2 NLIST 2020-21: images/uploads/4.2.2 NLIST 2020-21.pdf

4.2.2 NLIST 2021-22: images/uploads/4.2.2 NLIST 2021-22.pdf

4.2.3 Books and Journal bills 2021-22: images/uploads/4.2.3 Books and Journal bills 2021-22.pdf

4.2.4 Student & Teacher Attendance 2020-21: images/uploads/4.2.4 Student & Teacher Attendance 2020-21.pdf

4.2.4 Student & Teacher Attendance 2021-22: images/uploads/4.2.4 Student & Teacher Attendance 2021-22..pdf

Infrastructure and Learning Resources: images/uploads/Sports, Yoga, Multizym etc. related photos..pdf

4.2.2 SSR_NList Bills_2018-19: images/uploads/4.2.2 NLIst Bill_2018-19.pdf

4.2.2 SSR_NList Bills_2019-20: images/uploads/4.2.2 NList Bill_2019-20.pdf

4.2.3 SSR_Journal Bills_2018-19: images/uploads/4.2.3 Journal Bill_2018-19.pdf

4.2.3 SSR_Books and Journals Bills_2019-20: images/uploads/4.2.3 Books and Journals Bills_2019-20 (1).pdf

4.2.4 SSR_Students and Teachers Attendance_2018-19: images/uploads/4.2.4 Students and Teachers Attendance Register_2018-19 (1).pdf

4.2.4 SSR_Students and Teachers Attendance_2019-20: images/uploads/4.2.4 Students and Teachers Attendance Register_2019-20 (1).pdf

4.1.1 SSR_Physical and Academic Infrastructure, Sports and Cultural Activities: images/uploads/4.1.1 Physical and Academic Infrastructure.pdf

4.2.1 SSR Library Software: ./images/uploads/4.2.1 Library is automated with digital facilities using Integrated Library Management System.pdf

4.3.1 IT Upgradation: images/uploads/4.3.1 IT upgradation.pdf Audit Report_Expenditure for infrastructure development and augmentation: images/uploads/ Audit Report_Expenditure for infrastructure development and augmentation.pdf

4.3.1 Computer Room: images/uploads/4.3.1 Computer Room.pdf


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