Criterion-3 SSR Books/Chapters/Conf.Papers: click here SSR Research Journals: click here

3.3.1 link of relevant Journal document: images/uploads/3.3.1. link of relevant Journal document.pdf Link of relevant documents for book chapter: images/uploads/ Link of relevant documents for book chapter.pdf

3.2.1 SSR_Additional details of IKS & IPR: images/uploads/3.2.1. Additional details of IKS & IPR.pdf

3.4.2 SSR_Extension Activity: images/uploads/3.4.2 Awared Received.pdf SSR_Details report of extension activity: images/uploads/ Detail report (1).pdf

3.4.3 SSR_Photography of extension activities: click here SSR_Link of extension activity for support the claim: images/uploads/ link of Extension activity of relevant documents for support the claim.pdf

3.5.1 SSR_Details of Functional MoU: images/uploads/3.5.1. Details of Functional MoU.1 (1).pdf

3.2.2 SSR_Additional Data for IPR: images/uploads/3.2.2 Additional Data.pdf

3.4.1 SSR_Additional information for extension activity: images/uploads/3.4.1. Additional Information.pdf


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